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Bruder G, Argelaguet F, Olivier A-H, Lécuyer A.  2016.  CAVE Size Matters: Effects of Screen Distance and Parallax on Distance Estimation in Large Immersive Display Setups. Presence, MIT Press.
Évain A, Argelaguet F, Casiez G, Roussel N, Lécuyer A.  2016.  Design and Evaluation of Fusion Approach for Combining Brain and Gaze Inputs for Target Selection. Frontiers in Neuroscience. 10:14.
Évain A, Argelaguet F, Casiez G, Roussel N, Lécuyer A.  2016.  Do the stimuli of an SSVEP-based BCI really have to be the same as the stimuli used for training it? Brain-Computer Interfaces. 3:103-111.
Argelaguet F, Morgan M.  2016.  GiAnt: stereoscopic-compliant multi-scale navigation in VEs. ACM Conference on Virtual Reality Software and Technology.
Évain A, Argelaguet F, Strock A, Roussel N, Casiez G, Lécuyer A.  2016.  Influence of Error Rate on Frustration of BCI Users. AVI'16 - International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces.
Le Moulec G, Argelaguet F, Lécuyer A, Gouranton V.  2016.  Take-over control paradigms in collaborative virtual environments for training. ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST).
Argelaguet F, Hoyet L, Trico M, Lécuyer A.  2016.  The Role of Interaction in Embodiment: The Eff ects of the Virtual Hand Representation. IEEE Virtual Reality.
Hoyet L, Argelaguet F, Nicole C, Lécuyer A.  2016.  ''Wow! I Have Six Fingers!'': Would You Accept Structural Changes of Your Hand in VR? Frontiers in Robotics and AI. 3